The Consciousness, of Umair Haque

gaeilge Hannigan

It is often said, that animals are sometimes cruel, to each other.

When they are cruel, they are exhibiting, base animal instincts!

The survival, of the fittest.

How would we characterise the killing, of George Floyd?

Base instincts of oppression, of violence, of intolerance, of hate!

The cradle, of high calibrating consciousness ….

of, Love

of , Acceptance….,

….is humanity

The refuge, of low calibrating consciousness….

of, Jealously

of, Greed

of, Racism

of, Hate

of, Violence….,

….is humanity

Humanity, with low calibrating consciousness, express these traits, in their thinkings, their words, their actions; often in…

The defeat of Trump|The return of The Great Society|

It is almost inconceivable, that such a failed member of humanity, that is Donald J Trump, could get elected to any political office, anywhere, in this World.

Americans defied this remote possibility, when they voted for a demigod, that is Donald J Trump.

This failed member of humanity, has absolutely no redeeming features, to be suitable to lead, any country.

Certainly, not the United States of America.

gaeilge hannigan

But Americans elected a fraud, a fake, a dunce, a lier, a cheat, a criminal, a tax cheat, a sex predator, a bigamist, an…

America is a delusional country|

America is an intellectually, delusional, country.

It has always believed it is the greatest, the best, the most powerful, the most democratic country, in this World.

It is, none of these!

Never has been!

Take power, as an example.

America has no power, over anyone.

America, only has force, to ensure compliance, from its citizens, and the World.

Force, that is readily deployed to subdue noncompliant countries, it’s citizen-peoples, and, the peoples of this World.

George Floyd, will attest to this!

The beautiful peoples of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, will attest to this!

More munitions were…

Clueless white privilege|Jared Kushner.

“One thing we’ve seen in a lot of the Black community, which is mostly Democrat, is that President (Donald) Trump’s policies are the policies that can help people break out of the problems that they’re complaining about…..But he can’t want them to be successful more than they want to be successful

These are the words of clueless, white privilege, senior White House adviser, Jared Kushner, on Monday morning, on Fox News.

Regrettably, these are Kushner's thinkings!

Finally, I understand why Black people, in America….

…..Are Poor.

…..Are disadvantaged.

…..Are in desperate need, of proper health, and…

gaeilge hannigan

Trump is Defeated|

It is, what it is, and, always will be|

Consequently, you are now, what you are now, and always will be|

Consequently, Joe Biden will win 433 electoral college votes, in the coming election|

Consequently, on November 3, Donald J Trump will be defeated|

Consequently, America will be liberated from the catastrophe, that is the United States of America|

gaeilge hannigan

America has an ignorant, as its President.

Donald Trump’s indifference of mind, is so shallow, as to be all surface.

How can humanity survive, when the world’s only superpower, a superpower with the worlds most powerful military, the richest nation ever, has an ignorant, as its President

The arrogance of ignorants, who believe they have a right to choose Donald Trump, as there President, is sad, and unforgivable.

Ignorants, do not have the right to adversely impact humanity!

America’s President has abandoned, the fight against climate change.

America’s President has abandoned, the fight against dictators and dictatorships, around the World.

Donald J Trump will losses in November!

President Trump will loose, because loving, caring, peoples, will no longer want to live with hating, violent, peoples.

During the fours years of this disastrous and absurdity of an American Presidency, I’d be thinking, Donald Trump, will be comprehensively defeated in his bid for re-election on 3 November.

To be sure, to be sure, this Irish Leprechaun, be not for changing.

Americas next President, will be Joe Biden.

gaeilge hannigan

The man who regards his own life and that of his fellow-creatures as meaningless is not only merely unfortunate but also disqualified for life ~ Albert Einstein.

The World is sorry.

American is sorry.

Tá brón orm.

Humanity is sorry, these be not the thought of America’s 45th President, Donald J. Trump.

They be not the thoughts of a fake.

They be not the thoughts of a fake, who has no care for his fellowmen.

They be not the thoughts of a fake, who has no concern for his fellowmen.

They be not the thoughts of a fake, who believes…

I wrote this story with my oncologist!
I survived!

Chapter two: Diagnoses

by gaeilge hannigan

I be always told by my ever wise Irish, ever loving dear mother, always get a second thought! Never trust them dochtúir, them be quacky. All they be wanting is ya airgead [money].

It’s always been about airgead for the sean Irish, especially it mostly always be about not having no money. Especially the sean Irish women. They be the one’s feeding the family.

I have always been ever considerate of my physical health. Apparently!
Lots of walking. Lots of running. Lots of gym. Lots…

I wrote this story with my oncologist.
I survived!

Chapter one: Introduction.

by gaeilge hannigan

I’d always be thinkin’ I’d be one of them. I’d be one of them wee Irish Leprechaun. An Irish Leithba’gan who lived in a rainbow.

My oncologist told me I had terminal cancer. I was granted thirty plus six months to survive.

This Irish Leprechaun be no longer living the solitary life of a mythical fairy, in a rainbow. This now mere mortal, now reluctantly ever lived in doctors waiting rooms, ambulances, hospitals, operating theatres, hospital recovery rooms, and hospital beds. …

gaeilge hannigan

an irish Aussie

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